1. Choose a programme that aligns to your business needs

First things first, apprenticeships in 2023 may not be what you think!

A common misconception is that most apprenticeships are still trade-based. For instance, we say ‘apprenticeship’, you think ‘plumber’ or ‘electrician’. On the contrary. There are over 846 apprenticeships standards in England as of 2023, and the disciplines they teach have moved with the times.

QA specialise in delivering apprenticeships for digital transformation, in everything from Cyber Security to Data, DevOps to Cloud.

QA will work alongside you to identify your challenges and suggest solutions.

2. Connect with QA to deliver your training

We’re the UKs largest training provider and experts in helping you and your apprentice get the most out of the programme.

Once you’ve selected the perfect apprenticeship programme to fit your needs, we take care of the rest. Our award-winning Digital by Design delivery model is designed to make your apprentice’s learning as flexible and effective as possible.

We follow a three-stage methodology, Discover, Practise, Apply; it allows learners to combine self-paced theoretical learning, with risk-free practice in our hands-on labs, with real world workplace application tailored to your workplace. This translates to higher confidence, accelerated workplace effectiveness, a positive business impact.

Our digital delivery, market leading interactive platforms and dedicated learners support make us the ideal partner on your digital talent journey.

3. Speak to us to choose your funding solution

Apprenticeships are a powerful option for businesses looking to harness affordable diverse talent from a wide pool. They can allow you to leverage otherwise inaccessible tech skills for sustained success.

We’re here to help you understand all the funding solutions available. Whether you’re a levy payer or not (or even don’t know what the apprenticeship levy is!) our free consultations are the best way to get started.

Whatever stage you’re at, even if you’re just curious about apprenticeships, we will walk you through not only what funding you can access but how best to maximise it and achieve your unique goals.

4. Create your apprenticeship service account

Once you’ve chosen your programme and funding, and are ready to recruit an apprentice, you’ll need one of these!

This government hub is where you can:

  • Accept your employer agreement with the department for education
  • Add people within your organisation who need access to information about your apprenticeships
  • Add information on your organisation, PAYE scheme and the apprentices you hire
  • Most importantly… grant permission for a provider such as QA do take certain tasks off your plate. This means we can advertise your apprentice vacancy, or reserve funds.

5. Let QA advertise your apprenticeship position

Advertising your apprenticeship vacancy is a time-consuming internal task, but don’t worry; we’re experts at finding talent with the right aptitude and attitude, who will be a great culture fit for your organisation.

Our expert candidate attraction team take care of sourcing and screening candidates to find the best fit for your business from the most diverse talent pools.

We do this through strategic partnerships with organisations such as the National Careers , local authorities, and Jobcentre Plus as well as community partnerships such as the African Pot Project), Women in Tech, Women's Engineering Society (WES), Young Professionals, Stemettes and Graduate Women to name just a few!

6. Say hello to your new employee!

Congratulations, you just welcomed your new apprentice, and took a big step toward your digital transformation goals!

From here, we’ll take care of their learning, but they’ll need you to help them get immersed in your business, and find opportunities to apply their new learning to real life projects at work.

QA can support the employer and line manager to ensure the relevant support is seamlessly provided at the right time. Our real-time dashboards guarantee that you have an on-demand overview of your apprentices progress throughout, so you know they are on track.

Ready to start your journey today? Get in touch with a member of our team here.

Recruit or Train an Apprentice

Attract new candidates with the tech skills you need or upskill your existing workforce with in-demand expertise.

Recruit an Apprentice

Learn more about the Apprenticeship Levy

Learn more about how apprenticeships are funded, including how the apprenticeship levy works. 

Apprenticeship Levy

Benefits of Apprenticeship Talent

Learn more about the benefits of recruiting apprenticeship talent within your organisation. 

Benefits of Employing an Apprentice

Partnering with you to power potential

We can work together to help recruit tech and digital apprentices or help reskill your existing workforce and provide your business with the in-demand tech skills you need.

Get in touch with us. Our team will respond within 48 hours.

More about Employing an Apprentice

What are QA’s apprenticeship specialisms?

QA specialise in digital and technology-based apprenticeships, supporting businesses in filling the digital skills gaps in their organisation. Businesses around the world are looking to develop greater Data Strategies, improve their Cyber Security and adopt Cloud Platforms for the future – and all of these tasks require talent to deliver them.

QA help individuals to become an apprentice, and then support them in finding great roles with industry-leading organisations.

How to apply for an apprenticeship

If someone is looking to apply for an apprenticeship with QA, they can browse a full list of apprenticeship vacancies from across the UK.

What organisations do QA work with?

QA partner with some of the world’s leading technology providers, including Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce – providing a range of courses, qualifications and certifications.

You can find out more about QA partner apprenticeships here. 

Can existing employees do an apprenticeship?

Yes, apprenticeships aren’t just for new talent. We understand that the business world is ever-changing, and emerging technologies require different skills. Upskilling and reskilling existing team members is an excellent way to develop new skills within your business, without having to hire new employees.