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What Is an Apprenticeship?

Curious about the Cloud, interested in IT, have an affinity for AI or a soft spot for creative writing and all things social? – there’s a future in tech and digital for you.

An apprenticeship is a modern, hands-on way to train for a career. It’s a full-time job involving studying and on-the-job training, giving you work-ready skills and an industry-recognised qualification (up to degree level!). You also get to earn while you learn and unlock a world of possibilities.

Apprenticeships are the perfect choice for starting your career with a leading company, a cost-effective alternative to university or a great way to simply change your career path or specialise in a different sector.

The Benefits of Apprenticeships

Hiru's journey

Let Hiru tell you how he's benefited from a QA apprenticeship, on his journey from English teacher to software developer at Amazon.

Totally debt free

You'll be earning a salary with your employer and the training is totally free.

Hands-on practice

Try out your newfound skills in a safe environment before applying them in the workplace.

Flexible digital learning

Work at your own pace through a mix of virtual classrooms, online learning and workplace application.

Real-time instant support

You’ll receive regular one-on-one sessions from our digital learning team to improve your skills, set objectives, and receive support and challenging learning.

How Apprenticeships Work

Find your dream apprenticeship role in your ideal tech discipline and apply for the job find out more below. Once successful you will start your new career as a paid full-time apprentice. 

You'll have a line manager, take home a salary at the end of the month and have access to employee benefits such as annual leave, pension scheme etc. You’ll spend 80% of your time at your job.

You’ll spend the rest of the time on your training programme with QA, a flexible blend of virtual and face-to-face learning sessions. You’ll gain knowledge through a combination of project and lab work. 

You'll be supported all your way to your End Point Assessment, where you can showcase the skills that you've learned and earn an industry-recognised qualification in your chosen specialism.

Is an Apprenticeship Right For You?

  • Aged 16 and over?
  • Able to live and work in the UK?
  • Passed three to five GCSEs?*

If you answered yes to these questions, then you fit the bill to apply for an apprenticeship. We’re looking for anyone with a passion for tech, a willingness to learn and a dream of pushing boundaries.

Each advertised apprenticeship vacancy has different entry requirements, so be sure to check the one you’re interested in to see if you’re a match. If you are already working and you want to do an apprenticeship through your employer, you will need to check their specific requirements.

  • *Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 or over. There is no upper age limit.
  • You must be eligible to live and work in the UK and have lived in the UK for 3 years.
  • You should not already have a qualification in a similar subject at the same level, or a higher level than the apprenticeship you are applying for.

Our Apprenticeship Programmes

We offer apprenticeship programmes in a range of tech specialisms, organised into levels.

View apprenticeships by specialism:

View our apprenticeships programmes by level

We also offer apprenticeship opportunities in Scotland, and degree apprenticeships up to master's level. Find out more below.

Scottish apprenticeships

Discover what apprenticeship opportunities are on offer in Scotland.

Scotland apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships

Take your learning to the next level with apprenticeships up to masters degree level in digital, management and tech.

Degree Apprenticeships

What Our Apprentices Think

Hear how QA apprenticeships in management, data, digital support and project management have launched the careers of Georgia, Nodiya, Lawrie and Sarah.


Chartered Management Degree apprentice with Visa


Data Analyst apprentice with NatWest



Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship

‘The fact that you get to be in your dream job so early on and really experience it and have your degree paid for is perfect. If I was to describe my apprenticeship in one sentence I'd say it's a very eye-opening experience. The fact that I'm able to work with industry professionals and learn about the various aspects of the industry is amazing to me.’



Project Management Apprenticeship

‘I definitely think if you're considering university you should be considering an apprenticeship at the same time. Just having the opportunity to earn while you learn has meant that I'm on my way to getting on the property ladder, which is amazing, and I never expected to be here at 21.’



Data & Analytics Apprenticeship at NatWest

‘Originally I was trying to get into med school but couldn’t garner enough funding. I had heard about apprenticeships in school before so I thought I should give that a try. Now, I’m getting paid to learn something I love to do and I really do feel I could become anything and that the sky’s the limit. I think apprenticeships are inclusive, flexible and challenging.’

How to find an apprenticeship, step-by-step

Apply for one of our apprenticeship vacancies – Hundreds of new opportunities all across the UK are added every month. You can narrow your search via location or by keywords.

Fill in your details and upload a copy of your CV (optional).

A career adviser will review your application and give you a call if you are a good match

After completing a document and ID check, you’ll create a personal profile which is an opportunity to tell employers about yourself.

We support you all the way. We’ll set up any interviews or assessments and help you prepare for them.

We’ll keep in touch about the apprenticeship job you applied for and, if any others come up that we think you’d like, we’ll let you know.

If all goes well…you’ll get the job and start your apprenticeship.

Are You Currently in Work?

If you are already in work and looking to take an apprenticeship to boost your career, submit your details using the form below and one of our experts will be in touch.

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Kickstart Your Career

Looking to kickstart your career in digital and tech with an apprentice programme and earn as you learn?

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View Apprenticeships Jobs

Ready to take the first step on your tech career journey? Find exciting apprenticeship opportunities in your region and get started.

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Why Do an Apprenticeship With QA?

In the last decade, we’ve jump-started the careers of over 30,000 eager learners, introducing them to leading employers, from quirky local businesses to corporate giants.

A staggering 91% of our apprentices go straight into full-time work, while 70% feel more confident and better prepared for work-life than most people their age.

By sticking with us, you can take your learning from entry level 3 (A level equivalent) and work your way up to a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Our apprentices work here

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If you'd like to find out more about apprenticeship opportunities and how they can boost your career, fill in the form below and one of our expert advisers will be in touch.

Frequently asked questions

How much do I get paid as an apprentice?

Apprenticeships pay at the very least the national minimum wage (£5.28 per hour for 16–17-year-olds and £7.49 per hour for 18–20-year-olds from April 2023). However, QA’s apprenticeship vacancies pay on average between £15,000 - £18,000, with some starting as high as £25,000 per annum, and are often increased after the first year of training.

How long do apprenticeships last?

Apprenticeships must last at least one year, but can last up to five, depending on the level of apprenticeship you choose. Most apprenticeships offered by QA last between one and two years.

Do I need to be good at technical subjects like maths and science and computer studies to consider a career in technology?

No, most employers are looking for a passion for tech, and a willingness to learn. And the even better news is that there is no one type of tech person. In fact, it is an increasingly diverse, vibrant, and in-demand sector.

How many hours a week will I work as an apprentice?

As an apprentice, you will work at least 30 hours per week with your employer and undertake part-time study.

How many days will I get to study?

Apprentices must spend 20% of their working time studying for their qualification. How this is structured is up to the employer, the apprentice, and the training provider to work out. The two common options are: 

  •  Four days working and one day of study per week
  • Block release: You study for one or two weeks at a time and then work for one or two weeks at a time

Do I get sick pay and holiday pay?

Yes. An apprenticeship is just another route into work and all apprentices are entitled to the same benefits as permanent employees – a salary, annual leave, and sick pay.

Is there a guaranteed job at the end of an apprenticeship?

An employer does not have to offer you permanent employment once the apprenticeship ends. However over 90% of apprentices at QA end up with a permanent role, and of course a nationally recognised qualification.

Who chooses which training provider I study with?

Your employer will have a specific training provider that they are partnered with to deliver the apprenticeship. QA is the #1 Training Provider for tech and digital apprenticeships in the UK.

Can I move from one employer to another but continue with my apprenticeship?

Yes. You can change jobs and continue the same apprenticeship. You won't have to start your studies all over again. However, your new employer must be providing apprenticeships already and your training provider must agree that the new employer is suitable.

When do apprenticeships start?

QA apprenticeships start throughout the year. Check out our live vacancies any time at